Why It Is Difficult Closing Your Foreclosure Auction Dream Home

Why It Is Difficult Closing Your Foreclosure Auction Dream Home

Have you ever wondered what it might feel like to find out or told that a foreclosure auction sales dream home you paid full price listed on MLS or at the public auction price list is not accepted or declined; can’t closing on the property after you’ve paid listing price to the trustee’s sales at the auction site? Even a nice home that you know very well in the neighborhood where you’ve lived for several years past, the trustee’s sale rejected your offer?


Buying a home is an every family dream in our society, but buying foreclosure auctions sale can be frustrated for the average first-time buyer even the veteran investors find it difficult sometimes closing on foreclosure auction property. The price posted on the foreclosure auction sale is not the total price value for that particular property on auction sale; it’s a just teaser price to draw a huge competitive bidden war among the interested party. Many hidden clauses are not revealing to the public; bidder or buyer agent must do due diligent to extract all or most problems the property carries with it.


Here are a few important things foreclosure auction sales that buyer didn’t know or published with the auction price list by trustee’s sale:

  • A buyer didn’t have a chance to conduct a before-buy property checkup. “What you see is what you get”
  • At the foreclosed auction sale, all sales are final and without remedy. There’s no warranty; where is, as –is agreements without any disclosures by the lender.
  • The auction sale price purposely by an aggressive bidding process. The sale price of a property sole at a foreclosure auction sale is determined by an aggressive bidding development.
  • There may be a possibility that the property’s title cannot be protected. Due to the unusual risk associated with the property bought at foreclosure sale; many insurers declined to issue a title insurance commitment.
  • There is no convenience to use bargaining chip; most if not all auction sale is on a cash and carry basis; meaning a lot of cash which most new buyer may not have against a veteran investor.
  • Proof of funds required prior to a bid action takes place; the trustee’s foreclosure sale required all the interested party to show the funds capability ahead of the auction sale.

Below are other findings on foreclosure auction sale by Denita:


Auctions are difficult in many cases.

They are listed in the MLS with a listing agent and office. It isn’t unusual to have auctions when the property is an REO type property. It is much more common when they are REO’s as opposed to “pre-foreclosures”. I only know my area of S Florida so it may be different in your area.

The listing does contain the auction information, but generally not all of the added fees IME. For example, it is increasingly common to have a mandatory ‘technology fee’ added to the purchase price paid by the buyer as well as the customary buyer’s premium (generally in the neighborhood of 5%). There are other fees too.

I have seen auction properties go under contract and then fail to close due to a seller’s issue, like not being able to deliver clear title because the seller didn’t own the property at the time of sale or closing! I explain to my buyers about the differences so they can be aware that it is a totally different process than any normal closing so they can prepare themselves mentally and financially. With an auction, you never know if it is going to close until it is actually closed. The seller can pull out at any time. The buyer? No, not without penal”]

[“If you believe in yourself and have dedication and pride – and never quit, you’ll be a winner. The price of victory is high but so are the rewards. Bear Bryant”]

A foreclosure auction sale is not for the average first time home buyer in term of the hidden clauses, condition of the property; the location, and the interior injected into to the auction sale as stipulated by the lender in the kit. The trustee’s sale price on an MLS or at the courthouse bulletin board is not an actual final price to rely on; the price will go up as more and more interested bidders increase prices that may make it impossible for the new home buyer out of reach. Even though the bidder won a price war at the trustee’s auction sale at the courthouse steps, it’s likely a buyer to face other hurdles that might hinder buyer chances closing on the foreclosure auction property. And also, it will cost four times more than the original price to get it insured if possible.

What do you think? Have you bought a trustee’s foreclosure auction sale in the past and how do you get so lucky getting the auction property of your dream home finalized? Please leave your comment below:




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Nine Ways To Get Rid Of Damp In Your House

Nine Ways To Get Rid Of Damp In Your House

What is a danger living in a damp house knowing that it may cause damage to the property and more likely cause health hazard to you, and the occupants residing in the home?

Having lived in a home with moist on the wall in the past many years ago; it was a sort of experience seeing the wet walls literally changed color in my eyes; swelling, bubble up, and cracking wall that eventually split up. When the wet wall dried up, it started causing an annoying painting falling down from the wall or ceiling depending on which side or area of the home affected by the moist walls. Some days, I swept the floor a few times a day because of falling painting from the wall.

 How Did The Drenched Wall happen?

According to the science, the moisture comes into a home due to an excess of condensation; escapes and insufficient sewage system are the most frequent causes of wet problems in the house.

How the condensation forms in homes?

Condensation occurs during the hot, wet air combines with cold, dry air. When this happens, the water tiny drop organized on the cold out parts; for an instant like walls.  A person is likely finds moisture anywhere in the room especially in bathroom walls or ceiling as in during and after hot steams bath. It’s easy to spot compression in the room where the fog is generated while boiling water in the kitchen or in the bathing space.

Here are nine ways results to resolve moisture in your house

  1. Acquire Plants that attract dampness
  2. Avoid Boil Water on period hot humid days/Especially Humid Days
  3. Dehydrate Your Clothes/Garments
  4. Scrub Your AC Filters
  5. Grasp Colder and Shorter Showers
  6. Swap your rugs at least once a month
  7. Adequate ventilation in the room manages wet moisture excess in any home
  8. The exhaust method is a practical idea for a large amount of moisture in places like cooking space kitchen and mostly in the bathroom.
  9. Utilize a dehumidifier; it absorbs damp in the places like the bathroom

 Summary and conclusion

If you like this blog post, you can share it with a friend who is having a problem with wet walls in his or her house. This spring 2019, a lot of us living in Southern or Western coast part of the country have witnessed a heavy rainy season; storm-wind, and flooding in some places that left many stains on the walls due to the excess water entered in homes. If the wet walls stay around the house for long, so is the problem of mold emerges gradually changes color. When the wall dried out the painting starts peeling and falling down every place.

Are you homeowner, what kind of experience as you struggled with in your home due to the wet walls and how did you resolve the problem on moisture walls in the kitchen or bathroom? Could you share with us how you handle wet walls issue in the kitchen or bathroom?

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7 Steps You Should Know About Real Estate Investing

7 Steps You Should Know About Real Estate Investing

This post is 7 awesome methods that an investor should know about real estate investing in housing that may bring a good return of investment in the future if follow this processing of acquiring wealth on a property. Whilst these methods are just a few of manner one can invest in a property, there’re many other ways as well to purchase a home. However, the 7 eye-opening ideas listed on this page are quick steps to own a house at the right time, especially in the fairly economy. Let get started here they are as follow:

As a licensed realtor in New York, I’ve witnessed how investing in the property could be a daunting task for a new investor who’s just getting started to acquire an investment property. Also, I’ve gotten a lot of questions, on “how much do I need on down payment own a home” these paragraphs lead you to a terrific astonish formula own any kind home willing to purchase as your income permits.

There are 7creative ways to procure an investment property with small to no money down.

  1. Borrow the Money. ..

You can borrow money from a bank to purchase a house; all depend on your credit history and track record on the payment you’ve made in the past borrowed money; and if have a good record paying your bills on time. Paying your bills on time is an excellent idea to borrow more money for an investment property.

  1. Utilize Your Personal Property…

A valuable property can be used to attain an investment property that the investor-owned in their possession; such as homes, household appliances, vehicles, even the designer clothing, jewelry and many more personal property sitting there not making money by the owner can be sold in exchange for an investment property, land as well.

  1. Assume the Existing Mortgage…

Apartment from the money factor of obtains a real estate investing, a buyer in the good financial standing has an apple of opportunity to take over someone else mortgage legally such as assuming the loan or go for they called “wrap around mortgage” that facilitate buying the investment land. This method of assuming the existing mortgage needs to properly approach by the legal advice. And furthermore, your credit history determined whether you capable of taking over some else home mortgage. The buyer may be asked for a down payment if applicable. Your State law also must approve the acquisition of taking over the mortgage.

  1. Lease to Buy Option. ..

Also, called lease-to-buy option; this scheme is a contract between the existing owner of the property and the new buyer; agree that at the end of a specified term, the buyer with a tracking record of paying bills on time may buy the property. At the end of lease terms; the buyer can use the collective additional payments a down payment on the house. It’s advice to talk your legal adviser lawyer before signing any document or a language not clear to you. You must talk to the lender of the property to ascertain how you use lease payment toward the purchased, and how you can qualify for a loan in the future.

  1. Research the Right Lowest Down Payment Mortgage Lender…

Through proper research for the lowest down payment mortgage lender, a financier has an apple of opportunity to land the several mortgage lenders that offer various loan products to meet many loan seeker needs that including lowest down payment credit. Among the lenders to look into are VA, USDA, and FHA loan programs out there nationwide. It is advised to the future homeowner to shop around when you are a ready request for credits. It is your vital interest to pay attention to the interest rates and cost associate for borrowing money from one lender to another. A 30 years mortgage terms could cost a huge amount of money coming out from borrower monthly that add up drastically over the life of the loan.

  1. Use Your Skill Set…

Whatever skill you’ve acquired in a lifetime, you can utilize it when applying for a home credit. Suppose you’re a good communication and persuasive person that convince the lenders grant you a million dollars loan to purchase investment property even with a low credit rating or a huge asset for collateral, its worth to exploit as a skillful communication, knowledge, attitude, and value.

  1. Gets a Partner…Above all the technique of real estate investing, real estate partnerships have been utilized for several centuries in the past; and it’s continuously sought for in an investment property. A new investor with a little or not enough assets should look into the partnership option as a proving way to get hold of real estate investment home. If the partnership is chosen; there are an array of plans to seek for like; Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) or Joint Venture accord, any one of these plans work just fine. All depend on what each partner brings up to the table; the benefit of partnering on real estate investment is tremendous if proper go about it. The best time to find a partner is when you’re really ready to go into real estate property deals; when another type of money cannot be utilized; also, when you get trapped for cash.

In conclusion; borrow the money, utilize your personal property, assume the existing mortgage, lease to buy Option, research the right lowest down payment mortgage lender, use your skill set, and gets a partner all orderliness help in many ways to own real estate, a new investor does not have to wait for the lifetime become property landlord or landlady in the current economic indications. The other ways to go about owning a home with a little or no money down; buyer must do homework, calculate budget, and make a wise decision at the right time. A prospect can use the local realtor for additional aid to locating a real estate deals at neighboring houses ready to sell or move for a bigger home.


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Great Books to Read: By Anyone

Great Books to Read: By Anyone

These great books are inspirational for anyone who’s searching for a path for success in an incredible world; a love, and how to face a challenge in life in a different circumstance of illness. The books I chose, are interesting, useful a viable solution to soul searching in every endeavor and challenge.

  • Life Is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path To Fulfillment: By Peter Buffett; he’s an intellect in the music composer, writing music for commercial, he has released albums on the “Narada”, Epic, and Hollywood labels. He also produced a film called “Firedance.” Peter Buffett a musician, composer, and philanthropist wrote an inspirational book that question; which will you choose: the path of least opposition or the path of potentially greatest satisfaction? The namesake like Peter Buffett; Warren Buffett the son of billionaire investor says, “that the only real inheritance handed down from his parents was a philosophy: Forge your own path in life” It is a belief that has made him follow his own passions, establish his own identity, and reap his own successes.” In Life Is What You Make It”, Buffett describes and explained on the firm set of values given to him by his trusting and broadminded mother, his industrious, a talented father; and many life teachers he has encountered along the way. He wrote by focussing more on substance and less on reward; we can open doors of opportunity and strive toward a greater sense of fulfillment. He Buffett exposes a great truth:” Life is random, neither fair nor unfair”. In his book, we see that our journey in life rarely follows a straight line but is often met with false starts, crises, and blunders. How we press through and persist in these demanding physical moments is where we begin to create the life or our dreams; by from realizing our vocations to living out our complete happiness to giving back to others. Life Is What You Make It about goes beyond limit your circumstances, taking up the gearshift of your destiny, and living your life to the capacity.
  • All The Light We Cannot See: By Anthony Doerr, Winner of Pulitzer Price from the highly praised , multiple honor-winning Anthony Doerr’ the beautiful, attractive determined instant New York Times bestseller about a blind French h girl and a German boy whose path collide in occupied France as both try to survive the destruction of World War II. Marie-Laure lives with her father in Paris near the Museum of Natural History, where he works as the master of its several thousands of locks. At the early age of six, Marie-Laurie, unfortunately, blinded finding her way around the house and the neighborhood. With the help of her father who built a constructive tiny of their neighborhood so she can memorize it by touch and follow the map her way home. Marie-Laure’s trouble persisted when at age of twelve; the German Nazi invasion fought their way to Paris and occupied Paris. Marie-Laure and her father have no choice but to flee to another town named Saint-Malo where Marie-Laure’s isolated great uncle-uncle lives in a tall house by the sea. Going on an exile, they carry what might be the museum most valuable and dangerous jewel along. Werner, an expert at building and fixing instrument, a talent that wins him a place wins him a place at a brutal academy for Hitler Youth, then a special assignment to track the resistance. Werner travels the heart of the war and, finally, into Saint-Malo where his story and Marie-Laure’s unite. Cleverly, combining the lives of Marie-Laure and Werner, against all odds people try to be good to one another.

In conclusion; The story of Peter Buffett and Anthony Doerr is about courage and persistence on all challenges we may face in life. No matter what circumstance experiencing at a certain time, we can overcome the obstacle by choosing the right path and follow conscience in every one of us. We may not know where which way to go or direct to follow, but ultimately, there’s a light after the tunnel.


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What Global Change Uncertainty Means To The Economy

What Global Change Uncertainty Means To The Economy
• Introduction
On this post, the reader learns or witness what the global hazard may have on the human lifestyle, the economy of a pocketbook that’s expenditure on purchasing power; on an economy, industry, and housing,. The hazard in climate change that’s facing the world every year destabilized the growth, and in many cases perishes life due to global change and uncertainty on the world affairs.
The impact of global change has many of my family members moved where they’ve been living for a few decades due to the excessive flood caused by heavy rain; erosion from nearby river basin. A family member lost their house as it flooded by heavy rain last three days in the town where they’ve called home many years. They have to evacuate somewhere and start all over again in pursuit of a good living standard in an environment safe to live, raise the family, and pursue happiness.
• Global Hazard on Economic
The global change uncertainty if not face and act upon squarely could cause a major disaster on the economy for many years to come. The possibility of investment loss to the average family household earning, job markets, global production could cost several billion dollars in harm or injury in other ways. Like for instance, the impact of economic loss to the human pain may lead to the social and public urges the government and the global prudence to does something or a course of action take place. In danger, complicated nature in terms of its result or its major reason manifesto needs the government and the stakeholder attention for its alleviation now.
• Global Hazard Reach
Global menace poses danger to human life around the world that causes due to a short of clean water to drink; drought on the farmland is that no longer sustainable for crops to grow, animals starvation as result of the forest demolition by the mankind on the self-inflicted wound all these have an impact on the local and the regional insatiability. The production importance, there’s uncertainty about how the danger apparent within a couple of decades along with uncertainty about the extent of its collision in term of possibility and harshness.
• Climate change-Global Consequence on the Real World
Under the scientists, climatologists, meteorologists, and experts study on the effect of climate change around the world, and the world body organization recommendation is to reduce fossil fuel burning the major cause to the global warming that’s likely destroyed our livelihood if advice is not taking soon. Scientists showed that climate endures changes and orbit. In their finding, scientists observe the balance of the energy that reaches the planet from the sun and the sun and the energy that wave away from the earth. They acknowledge waves forcing by the human influence that motivates need the energy balance up and down. The main caused by humans origin is the emission of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide which produced mostly by the burning of fossil fuels. Also, scientists proof the warmer out part temperatures and warmer oceans, the more water vanishes and the moisture in the air and climate increases. Violent weather rain, snow, or hail has happened often frequently and intensify; weather with heavy rain has resulted in more flooding in some locale.
• Summary/ Conclusion
Global change uncertainty is real and must be taken seriously if we ought to live in an atmosphere where life is sustainable for many years to come. Humans are the major cause to global warming; need to heel the advice by the scientists and the world body organization to preserve the earth we live in for the next generation to come after us. Until we mitigate used of fossil fuels; the economic loss, life, livelihood may be uncountable or perished altogether. We have to change our current lifestyle and the way lives among ourselves.
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What Home Owner Should Know Before Renting Out A House

What Home Owner Should Know Before Renting Out A House

  • Intro

This post may shell light and the process on how to avoid an unintentionally foreclosed on a house by the new landlord who mortgaged their first home within 12 months period. It has some useful information trained by an experienced realtor who seen lots of homeowners lose houses to a lender who foreclosed property on them because the owner didn’t understand or didn’t get a piece of advice by a knowledgeable agent.

As a licensed real estate realtor and a buyer agent, I’ve witnessed that a quite number of the first time home buyers were not adequately advice when seeking a mortgage on their residential property. Besides the financial aspect of maintaining a home on building equity, many owners did not read or understand the clauses written in a fine print by the mortgage company that calls in a loan on the residence house. It shouldn’t have been so if a buyer has taken time and searched for the expert on the home mortgaged.

  • Can I Rent Out My House?

The kind of a loan acquired to mortgage a house depends on whether you can let a property. If the home is purchased for living or residence that is a single family house or multifamily dwelling, there’s a waiting period of 12 months prior to letting the house. In some cases, a homeowner must provide a valid reason to the lender for letting the property during waiting terms; the lender may consider giving approval if possible. Otherwise, the new landlord could seek to switch to a buy to rent out property mainly an investment loan installment to be repaid. On this scenario, if the landlord let dwelling, he or she must also, seek insurance on it.

 . Primary Residence after 12 Months

 On the primary home, often, you get a lower discount interest rate while can put down less substantial of the down payment if the mortgage loan is for your home residence against a guest house or an investment property. And again, if the new landlord purposely bought a home for the living; and he converted it to a commercial property he or she might have committed the mortgage crime. It’s important to familiarize yourself to the waiting rules that associated with your loan; then after you’ve fulfilled the requirement of the waiting period on a mortgage, you’re freed to do whatever you decided to do next on the property, turn residence to a rental dwelling. Furthermore, if your house is situated in the neighborhood controlled by an HOA, it’s best to ascertain if any restriction regarding letting out your property.

  • Lender Call In The Loan

This is where your lender may call in the loan at once when they realized a crime has committed on the loan. In some cases, the lender may choose to foreclose the property; for the landlord, that’s a nightmare sorry to say. It’s critically that you read your loan documents thoroughly before ascended it or call your lender for any unforeseen rules that come on a mortgage loan.

  • Mortgage On Home

 There is a various home mortgage that the home buyer can look into when applying for the load on a house. The owner who have passed the required waiting terms; can apply for another total money borrowed when you move from your primary home; landlord may want to buy another property to live in or commercial property. If that’s landlord intention, consult your mortgage lender if qualify for another loan for commercial dwelling purposes prior you rent out current home.

 How much can I rent my house for?

  • On the Amenities

 A newly built house that’s less than two years old is most likely have a good appliance on site; the doorknobs worked better, the refrigerator coolant functions accurately all the time and the stove doesn’t produce fume that can cause sinuses or eye irritation at home.

  • Home Value Determined Rent

Most of the rent charges to the tenants by the landlord depend on the value of your home’s market value in the area where a property is located and prime neighborhood location. Statically, the rents that homeowner charges fall between something like 0.8% and 1.1% for the house are monetary worth. The homeowner who has decided to rent out property; needs to do research on Comps or comparable research for representation of what the median and average rent is for the area of property location. The landlord should compare rent prices through six different sources and price a little higher than the average. In general, a buyer may think that multifamily property usually generated better likely investments, nevertheless, multifamily houses as a whole do not attract the same rent as single family homes do.

  • Location of the Home

The prime high-class real estate location where the street is always cleaned; garbage collected more often, and no loitering flying around in the street is usual rent more high price compare to another area in the same zip code. The homeowner pays more Taxes on a prime location than any other offerings. They also charged a high percentage of letting apartments.

  • Do real estate agents do rentals?

Licensed Real Estate Assist Buyer or Seller

Having a licensed real estate agent on your side can assist home the owner or landlord in many areas; he or she may be able to bring you a potential qualified buyer whether for let apartment in your house or the future home buyer when the time called for. Quite often, an agent is preferred selling a house on a good commission than renting an apartment for a relatively less commission. He also can be potential resources for assisting renters as well in locating a more needed apartment for a renter who’s just getting started to find a place to live.

  • Years of Experienced in Renting Home

A realtor who has been in the real estate business for many years is more likely have experiences in every aspect in buying or selling homes; he or she is a good position to bring a qualified buyer or seller when it’s time to sell or buy another property nearby. Most trusted real estate agents are licensed, they can assist a seller and buyer locate a home and buy the real estate; they are also in a position to negotiate the sales while the broker supervised the whole process of the transaction.

  • Organization Marketing Plan

A Realty firm has several manners of getting a home sold than another, some have a good potential buyer on their database that can pull up a well-qualified home buyer who may be looking for a specific kind of house at a specific location. Other realty firms allocate or spent a percentage of their revenue on advertising searching for clients wherever possible.

  • Summary and conclusion

A new landlord who purchased a house on mortgage loan for primary residence must go through process if ought to convert residence to a let apartment; first, he or she carefully read loan documents over and over, if any part of clause on document that does not clear to him, he can seek second advice from a professional or from a well trained licensed real estate agent who works under the supervision broker in the firm. The lender may penalize a loan fraud if they find out on time before the waiting period 12 months expired; they can foreclose the property if they wish. That may be losing to the new landlord totally. Don’t let this happened to you when the house is purchased on the mortgage loan.

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Are the Working Baby Boomers Contributing To the Economy?

Are the Working Baby Boomers Contributing To the Economy?

By all measures standard, let us clarify who are the baby boomers, what years describe baby boomers; why are they to the economy and why they title it baby boomer?

The survey, the Pew research; and many statistics showed the baby boomers can be named of the people who are born between the years of 1946 to 1964 that also, refer to the enormous an increase in the births after the world war two came to an end. At the termination of the ww2, the birth of the boomer’s incitement the end of a long 16 years of economic slump and war. As tranquility and success emerged, many boomers in America were eager for a new beginning in their lives. After the end of the war, Americans are in the mode of raising a family and having many babies, more babies, their confidences are upright in the new life and economy.

Businesses started to grow bigger that yielded profit in trade, at the time, an organization formed a union that pledges huge wages, incentives, and job security to all their working members. Because of the job security and growth in the economy, the family members of the new age were able cherished life and willing to give their children a better life and an advantageous chance the moment they didn’t have while growing up.

What years clarify baby boomers?

Anyone born between the year of 1946 and 1964 can be defined as a baby boomer generation. The increase in population growth produced another surge in the economy. The entrepreneurs created a huge good, products consumer demand, the prompt rise in manufacturing and construction. During that time, the average people incomes rose to an all-time high for decades, and demand for durable goods surge boost the financial state. The improve twist shaped a long prospect economic expansion that hiked the standard of living for the boomers and chances of development around the world.

Baby Boomer economy factor to the society at large:

Despite the economic downturn ten years ago, the older adult is still a major spender who boosts growth and consumer spending. By the estimate, there are over 90 million boomers age 55 and older in 2017 that made up to about 28% of the populace according to the US Census Bureau. The boomers are certainly playing a huge role in buyer spending and they may become substantial as boomer spending strengthens. The 64 to 74 years old income rise to $48,000 in 2015 from $32,000 which is more than the earning of other age units, Moody’s and government economic data indicated. At the WW2, the boomers entered the labor force in mass while strong economic increases of the 1970s and 1980s give them an opportunity to secure good jobs and good paid that enable boomers advanced in any career chosen. They profited from the long run of the financial market regardless of the great recession of the 1980s and 1990s while the market has shown since 2009 till the present. The boomers have disposable income enables them spending on something like durable goods, fancy luxury cars, taking a month or so vacationing around the world on the cruise ship; play golf several hours a day, and form a club that’s mainly talking about the stock market and its direction.

The baby boomers might be aging but they still have a power to direct economy trajectory in now and the years to come. No matter what the direction of the stock market heading, the boomers will control the economy.

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